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Over 30 years performing at over 1,000 weddings, corporate events, private parties, club venues and Radio stations!
​​​DJ Masta Cee ​​
​ DJ/ Mixshow Host/On Air Personality
 Started the music journey in 1985. Played in numerous Club Venues and events around the Houston Area. Been around local Radio stations, traveled to different cities, and  provided services to school events, charities and weddings. Now a Mix Show Host and On Air Personality on Internet Radio Stations. Let's Bring Back the way radio use to be without all the politics and Corporated Stations not supporting local artist.
​The Flipside Zone
    With the wide variety of music styles that exist, The Flipside Zone & Flipside DJ Service, takes pride in our ability to provide nearly, any genre that our clients request. We also take pride in our understanding of music and what it does to people. Music moves people, figuratively and literally, ie: the perfect emotional song, a classic from your dancing prime, or that line dance to which your friends always make you dance. A DJ service must have the ability, natural or through vast experience, to know what to play at what point.
     We take satisfaction in our grasp on so many genres, eras, and artists and how each affects the attendees at our clients events.

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​​​The Flipside Lifestyle

  1. Cee on The Wheels
    Cee on The Wheels
  2. KYOB Radio
    KYOB Radio
  3. Biz Markie & Cee
    Biz Markie & Cee
  4. Cee in Times Square NY
    Cee in Times Square NY
  5. Carizma, Tyrone & Cee
    Carizma, Tyrone & Cee
  6. K Rino & Cee
    K Rino & Cee
  7. Rockaway NY
    Rockaway NY
  8. Some DJ Awards
    Some DJ Awards
  9. KeIth Frank & DJ Hustla
    KeIth Frank & DJ Hustla
  10. In Jamaica Queens, New York
    In Jamaica Queens, New York
  11. Ice Cube & Cee
    Ice Cube & Cee
  12. Masta Cee & Son, DJ Dee Boi
    Masta Cee & Son, DJ Dee Boi
  13. Cee @ Rap-A-Lot Records
    Cee @ Rap-A-Lot Records
  14. DJ Statik (now DJ YoungMovie) & Cee at 96.1 tha Zone
    DJ Statik (now DJ YoungMovie) & Cee at 96.1 tha Zone
  15. Cee at On The Level Promotions.
    Cee at On The Level Promotions.
  16. DJ Wiz, DJ Dee Boi & Masta Cee
    DJ Wiz, DJ Dee Boi & Masta Cee
  17. Mobb Boss Corlione, Grit Boyz, Statik & Cee
    Mobb Boss Corlione, Grit Boyz, Statik & Cee
  18. EPMD & Cee
    EPMD & Cee
  19. Trae Tha Truth with Cee & Mobb Boss
    Trae Tha Truth with Cee & Mobb Boss
  20. "We Gone Swang" Video Shoot
    "We Gone Swang" Video Shoot
  21. Talib Kweli & Cee
    Talib Kweli & Cee
  22. DJ Dee Boi
    DJ Dee Boi
  23. Slim Thug , Dee Boi & Cee
    Slim Thug , Dee Boi & Cee
  24. Mz Fee & Cee at 96.1 Tha Zone
    Mz Fee & Cee at 96.1 Tha Zone
  25. Title 35
    Title 35
  26. Mobb Boss & Masta Cee
    Mobb Boss & Masta Cee
  27. Title 38
    Title 38
  29. Bun B and Cee
    Bun B and Cee
  30. Freeway Rick Ross & Cee
    Freeway Rick Ross & Cee
  31. KYOB Fam
    KYOB Fam
  32. Cee And Fresh Empire's DJ Monstaa
    Cee And Fresh Empire's DJ Monstaa

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Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.
  1. Lil O   "Bossed Up"
    Lil O "Bossed Up"
    Lil' O is a southern rapper, raised in Southwest Houston, Texas. He is an original member of DJ Screw's Screwed Up Click. He was also known as O or Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze. His name references his height, at 5 feet tall.
  2. Trae Tha Truth
    Trae Tha Truth
    Musician. Father. Activist. Humanitarian. There are three ways to write about Trae tha Truth. One is to talk about his music, and that’s important because he is a rapper and making music is what he does. The other is to talk about him as a human, and that’s important, because he has done some truly monumental and impressive things. The third is to talk about the intersection of him as a rapper and him as a humanitarian, because that’s where Trae really belongs. Only a handful of people have ever blurred the borders of what it means to be a musician, and what it means to be a civic leader and then able to blend them together as well as Trae has. Trae’s music is easy to categorize but difficult to fully translate into text. Trae is, for lack of a better term, a “street rapper.” His music is often inspired by the experiences of the disenfranchised, which is rooted in the broken roads of the ghetto. It’s driven by loss, by love, by loyalty, and by when one or two or all of those things are taken away or tested of those he cares about. Trae’s music is powerful, real, and his voice is a tractor trailer shoveling gravel and sometimes, it all adds up to be this scary thing. It booms and it bangs and it thumps. Sometimes it pounds you in the chest, it sounds like how the rain feels and sometimes it feels like how the sun feels when it shines on your back and sometimes it feels like when everything in your life is going wrong and sometimes it feels like when everything is going right, too. Trae Day, an annual festival commemorating the actual holiday the City of Houston gave Trae for his role as a civic leader, made him the first rapper in Texas to be given an official holiday by the city. He’s also founded a nonprofit organization, helped counsel inmates, sponsored at-risk high school students and more. Trae The Truth is very modest, he never talks about his guest features he’d done or any of his new tapes (Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, TI, Nas, etc.)or how he’d landed another MTV JAM Video of the Week or how he’d signed to T.I.’s label or any of the things people were watching him accomplish from afar. What you need to about Trae is he is a rapper, who has only ever viewed rap as another way for him to help people.
  3. Guch ft.Beat King
    Guch ft.Beat King
    "Louisiana native, "Guch" discovered her love for music at the age of 5. Inspired byTupac, a liberated and educated thug, Drea began writing conscious and subconscious lyrics in 95. Throughout her childhood she turned to music like a security blanket...the studio became her safe zone. Initially "Infinity", the lyrical whiz took on the pseudonym: GUCH. "Infinity didn't define me. I mean, the name was cool, and of course I want my music to be everlasting...when my friends asked me how I was...I always replied 'I'm Guchhh.' Meaning..I'm good..nothing bothers me." Digging into her story further, it became evident that in music Guch really is Guchhh, unbothered. Matters the worries of the world she maintains a constant peace. In spite of familial hardships and unfathomable circumstances, GUCH has remained true to her passion. When asked about her support system, the list was too vast to be listed. Of course, her family and friends were mentioned, but she was certain to give all Glory and Honor to God for the privilege to be capable of converting emotions of herself as well as others through music. Her personality matches her passion. In her spare time she volunteers. She enjoys working with children with special needs. This is one artist in tune with what matters.

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